Auditory stimulation programme suitable for Early Years pupils

Early Years classroom

Why your school needs the Johansen Alpha programme

This auditory stimulation programme is suitable for pupils in Nursery and Reception/Year 1 with concentration or hearing problems. In every new intake there are usually a few children who show signs of needing extra help:

* lack of concentration
* speech and/or language difficulties
* emotional problems or signs of stress
* a history of pre-school ear infections / hearing problems

Teachers are experienced in spotting those children who look like they’re going to have difficulty settling into school life. Having the opportunity to put an intervention programme in place early on in the school year can bring huge benefits to the learning and social life of individual children and the class as a whole.

How it works

The Johansen Alpha programme works by giving regular stimulation to a child’s auditory processing pathways and enhancing neurological development in a gentle and orderly way. It has been used around the world in schools since 2004.

Teachers report that their classrooms are more settled, with children demonstrating better listening skills and overall being more secure in their learning abilities.

Children with headphones

What the children do

Each child has their own set of headphones and sits in a small group listening to a specially composed Johansen music track for 10 minutes every day in a relaxed environment, like a cosy corner of the classroom with beanbags or a quiet side room.

How to set up and run the Alpha programme

First of all, I will visit your school and talk to you about how the programme can be set up in the classroom, what equipment you will need and show you the simple protocol to follow for using the music tracks and evaluating each child’s progress.

You can either provide a personal CD player for each child or shared listening equipment that they all plug into.

As the school year progresses the tracks are changed so that by the end of the year the children will have experienced compositions which use sound in all its frequencies, thus exercising all parts of their auditory processing system.

Ongoing support

I will be available for any questions by ‘phone throughout the course of the programme and will pop in to school twice a term for a progress meeting.

What you can do

Please contact me if you would like to discuss running a programme for your class in the Autumn Term.  Typically, schools evaluate the needs of their children and source the equipment in the first half of term and start the listening programme in the second half.

For programmes specially created for individuals see Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation.

Clinic address

Julia Willcock
Neuro Development Therapist

Church Street

Please use my mobile for appointments:
07717 825682

Client feedback

“I am delighted to report that there is a deliciously normal child emerging in our house at the moment! It’s really exciting to watch and is transforming our family life. Thank you so much for setting us off on this path”

Rachel, for her 9 year old son

INPP Screening Questionnaire

If you think your child has symptoms of neuro-motor immaturity, fill in the free online INPP Screening Questionnaire and I will contact you.

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